Evergreen Bible Ministry pursues (1) easy Bible reading (2) fun Bible reading (3) serious Bible reading based on various theological knowledge. Therefore, this ministry is trying to convey the tool of theology easily and very easily at the level of beginners. The minimal theological way of thinking helps a lot in everyday life as well as reading the Bible.

The Bible? It’s never boring or difficult at all. Let’s try again!


Reading the Bible should be easy. If it is difficult to understand a word or sentence, it is difficult to grasp the meaning no matter how much you read.

Reading the Bible should be fun. The reader’s imagination and questions must be taken into consideration to make the reading interesting without boredom.

Reading the Bible should be serious. When reading the Bible as the Word of God, it is the reader’s responsibility to read and interpret it correctly.

Our Mission

Training and equipping every Christian to evangelize and make disciples through evangelism seminars and outreaches.

Jesus has given us the Great Commission, but unfortunately many zealous Christians are at a loss to know how to even begin to fulfill this calling. Imagine what impact we would have if every Christian was empowered to preach the Gospel and make disciples right where they are. This was what He meant when He said, “I’ll make you fishers of men.” Our mission is to help churches fulfill the Great Commission by training laity, lay leaders, pastors through seminars and equipping sessions on practical, hands-on evangelism methodologies and then going out and putting into practice what we’ve learned. It is our vision through these seminars to help churches cultivate an evangelistic DNA into every part of their ministry so they could reach their communities, nation, and world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Team

Mark Chon (a.k.a Minku Chon)

Founder / Director

Mark Chon is a graduate of Azusa Pacific Seminary in APU (M. Div 16′). He was involved in the department of the disabled as a coordinator in Light of Love Mission Church in Pasadena for 10 years. He planted a church in Los Angeles in 2019 and served for a year. He started Evergreen Bible Ministries as his own ministry and has been serving as a director, running and planning to teach the easy theology for church people and to outreach young people to evangelize them.


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